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Name:   Annmarie

Age: 22 years of age

Location: Cleveland Ohio

Why do you want to join TBHS?: I would like to meet other folks with the same creepy interests.

Favorite "Creature of the Night": Frankenstein’s Monster and his bride. I collect Frankenstein and bride of frankenstein themed stuff.

Interesting fact(s) about you: For christmas last year my darling boyfriend suprized me with a gaint 6 foot Boris Karloff Cutout. It made me cry which probably made me look really strenge in the eyes of his family. I also am somewhat fanatic about the misfits. I have a bat tattoo between my shoulderblades with 138 with chiller letter styling in the middle.



Name: Laura

Age: Somewhere between 21 and death...

Location: Las Vegas

Why do you want to join TBHS?: Halloween is the most exciting time of the year and I love everything about it. It would be great to talk to others who enjoys Halloween and general Victorian darkness as much as I do.

Favorite "Creature of the Night": Cats in general are my favourite creatures of the night, day and everything in between.

Interesting fact(s) about you: I taught myself to make chainmail and am the owner of www.retroscopefashions.com

Picture: I never post my picture online, but my icon is my alter ego. It is an original oil painting signed for me by artist Todd White.


Name: Elizabeth (just call me Liz)

Age: 31

Location: Near New Orleans, LA

Why do you want to join TBHS?: Well, Halloween IS my favorite holiday, considering it's my birthday and I've always been referred to as my parents' little witch...

Favorite "Creature of the Night": Vampires (yes, even the *sparkly* ones, just for you haters!!), witches and black kittens.

Interesting fact(s) about you: Besides having a Halloween birthday, I'm a RN by trade and collect carnival glass (amber is my primary color, but I love red and other difficult colors to find, like grey)

This was a few years ago. I call it "nerd goth chic"


Nice to meet y'all!

On a serious note...

The following people still need to post their introductions. Introduction info can be found on the group profile page. I have been pretty lenient since this is a new group, but the introductions MUST be posted soon or you will be deleted, and I REALLY do not want to delete anyone...

_starsinmyeyes_,brideofdagon,isla_negra,lapetiteflower,besosbianca,spikeshinizzle8,wasseleen,xcynergyx & zyzzybalubah.

Witchy Crafts

Do you make witchy crafts? I would love to see them! Please feel free to share!!

Here is a necklace and box I made for my mother on Halloween.

Name: Mysticcmaiden   description below but you may call me simply C or Cea or hey you I tend to hold my RT private on the net.




Mystic= follower of mysticism (somebody who practices or believes in mysticism) Cea= is the 1st letter of my birth name and also my Wiccan name as well, pronounced like Sea. Maiden= because at the time when I had created the account I still and not moved into the “mother” stage of the sisterhood one of these days I’ll pay the fee’s and change it.




Age: A proper lady would never answer such a question….however I’m not all that proper! Lol I’m starting to get a bit long in the tooth I’m 31 and a Pisces




Location: Far North above Dallas Tx. Although we’re ex military so we’ve lived in Wa state (I miss it so) and Germany too..and I was born in Southern Ca.




Why do you want to join TBHS?: Well I’m Wiccan (if ya hadn’t figured THAT one out already) and I’ve always loved pretty pictures of witches and loathed the green faced warty witches you see at Halloween time but I do have a “darker” twist to me as well in fact my kitchen and dining room show my two sides perfectly on one side I have roots anchored to my wall with ivy and depictions of the God & Goddess and then you turn too look at my kitchen and you’ll see bats and little tombstones and everything in black so like and dark is defiantly balanced together. And so I guess I join to fin some like mined people.




Favorite "Creature of the Night": Ravens, Bats, Vampires and rats and yes ok there not “spooky” but if you’ve ever own one there are defiantly creatures of the night!!! 




Interesting fact(s) about you: Well my husband and I have been married for over 15 years now we have two beautiful boys the eldest is 12 and already acting like a teen and the youngest is 7, we have two large black dogs and 3 black cats and a whites/dumpy tree frog. I’m a Domestic Engineer Full time 24/7 and loving every minute of it even if it is hectic. I love to decorate and do crafts, paint just about anything. And to read in fact I just finished reading Wicked By: Gregory Maguire


http://www.gregorymaguire.com/books/wicked.html which is absolutely FANTASTCTIC I couldn’t recommend any book any more than I could this one here and I can’t wait to start reading Son of a Witch the next in the Series.








This one is the most recent pic I’ve got Sorry I don’t know what’s up with my photo host and Lj as to why you have to click on the pics???


<IMG SRC="http://file.walagata.com/w/ceaallwithin/fetish_ball_2007_2_0.jpg">


And this one is much older about a year er two but it’s to show my natural side


<IMG SRC="http://file.walagata.com/w/ceaallwithin/new_red_hair.jpg">






Well that’s a lot …I know I tend to type either quite a lot or none at all…




Anywho I Hope You All Had a Blessed Samhain and A Happy Halloween Last Night










Oh and just as a PS is it just me or does the witches hat in the profile look like the sorting hat from H.P? I swear it has a face!!

Happy Halloween!

And a blessed Samhain to those of you celebrating tonight.